Sunday 6 September 2015

Presentation Techniques

News Presenter

A news presenter is a person who presents the news during a news program on TV, radio, or online. They can also be knows as a newsreader, newscaster, anchorman/woman, or news anchor. Styles and techniques that news presenters must adopt include - using the correct terminology and pronounciations (without slang), and appearing professional and authoritative without patronizing viewers. Famous examples of news presenters include Sir Trevor McDonald (former anchor for ITN), Jeremy Paxman (former anchor for Newsnight), and George Alagiah (current anchor for BBC News at Six).

Continuity Announcer

A continuity announcer is a person who's job is to announce to viewers what TV programme is coming up next, and inform them of any changes to the schedule and of any sensitivities that could be present in the coming programme. A continuity announcer is, in most cases not seen, and is instead a voiceover commonly played over an ident. The idea is to link and/or promote upcoming programmes and encourage people to stay tuned. A technique commonly used by continuity announcers include appealing to the intellect or sense of humour of the audience. An example of a continuity announcer is Claire Gibbb, who currently works for the BBC.

Broadcast Journalist

A broadcast journalist is someone who broadcasts news and journals via radio, TV, and the internet. A broadcast journalist must have strong research skills and accuracy. All facts that are to be broadcasted must be double checked in order to avoid releasing false information. The tone of voice and image should be serious and professional to reflect the seriousness of the profession.

Magazine Programme Presenter

A magazine programme is a TV show that presents various topics, usually based on current events, using an interview and commentary format, for example, The One Show. These types of programmes have a similar approach to news and current events as a normal paper magazine. Presenters for these types of shows should be knowledgeable across a large range of subjects (or at least appear so) and have a good sense of control, with an ability to link the material they are given together. They should also possess good interviewing techniques, as interviews are a key part of the TV show. 

Lifestyle Programme Presenter

Lifestyle programmes refers to shows such as cooking shows, home improvement, fashion makeovers, and various other life-improvement shows. The presenters should be fairly casual and knowledgeable about the subject. The style of presentation should be like a conversation between friends, with the presenter talking directly to the audience and/or the guests featured on the show.

Documentary Presenter

Documentary presenters (notable examples including David Attenbough, Steve Erwin, and Bill Nye) can have various different presenting styles depending on the context of the documentary. In some documentaries, the presenter is in the shot (this is quite common in an interview format), or they can be a voiceover out of shot.Talking heads are very popular in the documentary genre. Different styles of documentary include wildlife documentaries (in which the presenter will often be offscreen), and history (which can be a mixture of offscreen commentary and onscreen interviews) and life stories (which is commonly talking head interviews). Documentary presenters should also be very knowledgeable about the subject they are talking about, so they are able to rely information confidently and clearly to the audience.


DJs and radio presenters often have their own personality that they present to the audience which entertains them. For example, Daniel P. Carter, DJ for the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, has quite a lively, friendly, and humorous personality, which helps to keep the show's younger audience interested. Radio presenters should also use the same language that the target audience uses, so to use Daniel P. Carter as an example again, he uses a lot of informal language and slang, similar to his target audience. In contrast Alan Titchmarsh from Classic FM uses more formal language and a calmer tone which it's older audience prefers.

Chat Show Host

A chat show host, such as Ellen Degeneres or Conan O'Brien should be relaxed and comfortable in front of a large audience. They should ask questions that are interesting and entertaining to the audience, as well as informative. They should have the ability to make guests feel relaxed on the show, and comfortable enough to answer questions that would interest the audience (this could lead to fairly personal questions, which is where the comfort factor comes in).

Game Show Host

Game show hosts are the most important factor of a game show's success. A lively, entertaining hosts is what keeps the audience interested and the contestants relaxed and involved. Examples of popular game show hosts are Bradley Walsh and comedy duo Ant and Dec. They both use humour to keep the audience entertained, often taking part in friendly banter with the contestants. Hosts should have the ability to think quickly and should always appear in control, even when the show is not going as planned. Confidence and energy should also be radiating off them.

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